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About Us

    The Thailand Cyber University Project under the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand has carried out missions under an e-Education strategy in the second phase of the Information Technology Policy of Thailand or IT 2010 (B.E. 2544-2553) and the National Education Plan (B.E. 2545 - 2559). The TCU missions include expanding educational opportunity by using information technology to increase an access to education irrespective of time or location, establishing a knowledge center to encourage life-long learning, improving and developing the quality of higher education, creating knowledge management and the sharing of educational resources among educational institutions efficiently and effectively.


    The Thailand Cyber University Project (TCU) acts as a center body to initiate, cooperate, and support e-Learning management in higher educational institutes in order to create high quality and standard e-Learning.




    The TCU cooperates with local and international universities and educational institutes to implement high quality and effective e-Learning by utilizing information and communication technology to expand educational opportunity to people at all levels without the limit of place and time.